13 April 2011


The Independent Chair of the Council,


Ladies and Gentlemen!


I am very pleased to be with you and to introduce my candidacy to the post of FAO Director General.

  • The FAO is the largest specialized UN agency. Therefore the FAO's success or failure is the main indicator of the entire UN system, and its global commitments in improving the standards of living across the world.
  • The principals and activities of FAO are valid today as they were originally established.
  • The activities can be implemented by the various committees and offices (talking into amount the core activities):
  • Agriculture and Consumer Protection.
  • Economic and Social Development.
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture.
  • Natural Resources and Environment.
  • Technical Cooperation.


  • The FAO is now required more than ever to insure a world free of hunger. (Right of Food is a human right). We are all aware that:
    • Global hunger is too widespread, with over 1 billion people hungry as we speak.
    • World population is expected to be well over 9 billion in 2050 which requires 70% increase in food production.
    • Competition on limited resources of land and water in many countries is taking place.
    • Effect of environmental and ecological degradation on food production is becoming a serious problem.
    • Climate change and its impacts on agriculture, particularly on small holders is a reality but damaging.



  • Emphases should be given to the field work and project implementation, through adequate consultation and engagement with member countries.
  • Reform is important and it is required in every institution encluding the FAO.
  • FAO on-going reforms are pleasing and there could be room for speeding up the programme of reforms.
  • I believe that the reform and improvements of efficiency are not time-bound, but a continuous process.
  • I am also pleased with the reforms made to the CFS and I believe the new CFS can carry out its mandate as the main global forum to debate and develop policies on world food security.
  • Taking about CFS I would like to mention that the CFS cannot impose its policies on countries. It supports country lead programs and policies to ensure food security.
  • There are many sister organization and agencies in the world.
  • Partnership with sister organizations in Rome WFP & IFAD as well as other global and regional partners and stakeholders are necessary.
  • With the recommendations of CFS food prices are major factor.
  • Food prices volatility is a major issue. There is a real need for stability in the food market. FAO shall play its role in helping the member states in having clear policies, offering technical support and making data available.


My vision to FAO


I would like to declare that:


  • I will continue to make the FAO a member-guided organisation through involving all member states, more consultations, and more engagements.
  • Enhance the Technical Cooperation Program (TGP) of FAO and link it with priorities at country and regional levels.
  • Increase the field Presence and support for the decentralization Process, and encouraging south – south cooperations.
  • Focus and developing and implementing projects aiming at improvement of food and agricultural products.
  • Improve the efficiency of FAO governing bodies by encouraging full participation and oversight by member states.



  • Maintain the ability of FAO to react satisfactorily to any humanitarian crises while keeping its major function as a proactive development agency in the area of food and agriculture.
  • Enhance FAO voluntary contributions and resource mobilization through prudent execution of budget and measurable deliveries and outcomes. (assessed budget contribution and voluntary or extra budgetary contribution)
  • I will embark on continuous reform to achieve:
  • Truly democratic and neutral UN agency where all nation are engaged in sharing the responsibility of eradicating hunger.
  • Promote sound policies and assistance in modernizing and transforming world agriculture towards increase and production and sustainability.
  • Ensure maximum efficiency of FAO governing bodies through transparency, better management and accountability.
  • Increase FAO presence in the field and support decentralization process and enhance the regional offices.
  • Positive cultural change that motivate FAO staff to deliver more promote gender equality, and rule of woman.
  • Empower regional offices to work closely with every region and engage civil society and reputable NGOs.
  • Assessments and monitoring activities.
  • With that I have been lucky to have qualification and experience in private and public sectors, UN organizations, and government institutions including ministerial level to put in the Originations disposal to carry out necessary activities with efficiency and reforms to achieve the objectives.
  • Finally, if I am elected, I will personally cut my salary by 10% and put it back the Organization's budget.